What I Do

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I am a kid who enjoys LEGO and wants to teach it to the world.

Ever since my dad introduced me to LEGO, I have made it my duty to make lego my passion. I feel it is my job to help other kids find their passion for LEGO.

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Lego gets me thinking and problem solving. With a single set, I can make stacks of different models. Where one day I am making a fort, the next day it can turn into a space station, and then I can take things apart and start all over again.


Thank you Aditya for helping Ronak build his first Lego set. I loved how you ornanized all the pieces into piles and taught him some tricks.

Mala - Ronak's Mom

I enjoyed working with you in the First Lego League competitions. Your leadership and innovation were amazing.

Ms.Mills - My teacher

What I do

  • Help build New Lego sets
  • Fix broken Lego sets
  • Spend time with your kid so you can do other chores
  • Teach them how to build
  • Entertain the kid with my jokes
  • Make them love Lego
  • Build creative new sets from spare blocks

Some Pictures

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